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If your child is under 11, it's very important for myself and the parent/carer to meet and discuss, in confidence, the story around the issues. With older ones it's up to you and your child - either way, it's essential that you give your child time to explore their life without having to constantly explain it at home. I will always encourage consent from the child to meet with parents at the end of sessions. Most do agree but some don't - which isn't always a bad thing. Of course, if I have any child protection concerns, I will be in contact as soon as needed. So, the quick answer is "yes , as much as I need to or am permitted to".
No is the answer. Sometimes it's very clear what’s 'wrong' with a child. Indeed, it can be very important to get a diagnosis for medical, academic, and social support. However, a diagnosis is often extremely time consuming and more importantly very hard to get. Regardless of any diagnosable mental illnesses, the child you bring to me will be a person that I can connect with and help - regardless of whatever and whoever they are.
Just start a conversation with me! I'm not interested in 'selling' counselling to you if it isn't the best option for your child. I have worked in Brighton and Hove schools for over 20 years and can direct you to appropriate agencies and resources if counselling isn't for you.
I offer lower rates for families earning under £24,000. Please see the rates for concessions.
If it's working for your child, yes! If you can get any sessions, yes ! There are many amazing school counsellors out there. Private counselling is a great option for when waiting lists are too long, you or your child want sessions away from the school environment, or your child does not gel with the counsellor provided.
Yes, right next to the entrance to The Shed. I'm also just a 5 min walk from George street and Hove Station.
Confidentiality in the counselling setting means that all information shared will be kept confidential. The only reason it would leave the room is if a child tells me something about themselves or another person that puts them in harm's way.
Child protection is a set of policies that aim to keep children safe and protected from harm by others (e.g. from violence, physical/emotional abuse, exploitation, or neglect). Article 19 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child provides for the protection of children in and out of the home.
No, not when you come to a session with me. If you go to the doctor about your counselling or for help, you may need to ask about their policies.
My advice would be to encourage them to give the first session a go without any commitments (and possibly a promise of chocolate afterwards ?! ). Then, leave it up to them. Once we have met, I can be available when/if the child decides they're ready.